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Kampabits Career Fair

One of the trainees proudly displaying his project at the Kampabits Career Fair

On the 29th of November 2018, Kampabits, one of the members of the Make 12.4% Work Initiative, further reinforced why they are a remarkable team in regards to the empowerment of People with Disabilities (PwDs) in Uganda. Having conducted a rigorous digital training for three months with young people, including 11 trainees with a disability, they held the Kampabits Career Fair. For the first time, all trainees had a chance to show off their new skills and experience in ICT, allowing them to display their individual projects for potential employers throughout the day.

Kampabits is a youth-based NGO that empowers the youth with ICT trainings for employment, providing training in web development, mobile apps and interactive games, starting with the basics like what a computer is and how it works. For this reason, they have managed to achieve impressive results in such a short time.

At the career fair, the trainees, who had by now reached the advanced program displayed their individually constructed projects around learnt fields like games and graphics.

One of the most outstanding projects was by Innocent, one of the trainees with a hearing impairment. He had created a website about a fruit court. Not only did this involve technical skills, but it also enhanced entrepreneurship. Innocent developed his own branding, design, logo, and eventually a published website. He had great enthusiasm to keep learning and practising JavaScript to fulfil his ambitions of becoming a website developer. His skills were also noticed at the career fair, where he was approached for a potential position as a graphic designer post-graduation.

Innocent’s excellence has made him popular among the trainees, who have to consult him on many things. In order to communicate and learn from him, others had to learn sign language as well, creating a stronger disability inclusive environment. Kampabits has a strong ambition to increase the persons with disabilities in their trainings. Now that they have seen the success of including people with hearing impairments, they feel ready to look at what is necessary to include the visually impaired as well. They are also working on developing a Youtube channel with tutorials, making their materials more accessible. These tutorials would include subtitles as well to ensure accessibility for the hearing impaired. In addition, they are working on developing apps for persons with a hearing impairment, improving disability inclusion.

For the trainees, the Fair gave greater exposure. It was a chance to interact with several companies and establish more contacts. It was a learning experience for the organisation and helped them realise the need to focus on more projects that give trainees experience before leaving and specialising in an area.

Overall, Kampabits has shown great initiative in our vision and goal of employing young persons with disabilities. The career fair was a great success, and Emmanuel ensured us there would be another one soon to maintain what was achieved today. Over 12 potential employers from different companies paid a visit despite the short notice of the event. Employers were happy to come by and pleasantly surprised by what the trainees could do in such a short time.The future prospects for Kampabits are bright, and we cannot wait to see where the trainees will end up once the training is complete!