As the initiative continues to grow, more organisations and companies have chosen to become a member by signing for commitment with Make 12.4% Work. This also means they choose to have a disability inclusion assessment and create an action plan to become more inclusive, which can come in various forms depending on the member.


The Uganda National Apiculture Development Organisation (TUNADO) is the apex body recognised by the public and government of Uganda to coordinate all value chain actors in the apiculture industry. TUNADO is a membership body that unites producers (beekeepers), processors, packers, service providers (trainers, researches, marketers, equipment manufacturers etc), development partners, government and all other stakeholders towards apiculture development in Uganda.  

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The youth based organization Kampabits is based in the Design Hub, in  Kampala. Their main focus is enhancing youth employment through ICT, particularly by reaching out to the less privileged youth in order to improve their lives with the use of ICT multimedia. The partnership between Kampabits and Make 12.4% Work involves mainstream ICT training for young persons with disabilities. The Make 12.4% Work Initiative identifies persons with disabilities and refers them to Kampabits for a traineeship. Currently, there are 9 deaf trainees and 2 physically impaired that are following a six-month training to improve their skills and development in IT.

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Johanniter International Assistance

Johanniter-Unfall-Hilfe e.V. is a German non-governmental organisation, founded in 1952 and dedicated to expertise in the field of first aid, ambulance services, social service programmes and other projects in the medical and social field in Germany.  

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Outbox is a technology-based innovation hub in Kampala. They assist new and upcoming African technology entrepreneurs with workspace, business incubation and technical training programs. As they simply put it, ‘we’re a launchpad for new ideas’.

Outbox is interested in a Diversity & Inclusion initiative within their organisation, so Outbox and Make 12.4% Work are exploring the opportunities for a joint initiative looking around accessible technology. The focus of initiative would be to create universally accessible app experiences.

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The Youth Initiatives for Youth Action Foundation (YIYA) is an independent youth-led and youth-serving organisation that is based in Kampala but holds a mandate to serve across the country.

In partnership with Kampabits they train young people, especially young girls, on social enterprising and ICT to teach them software development, graphic and animation skills. In addition, the use games, sports and drama to teach employable skills for all young people. Furthermore YIYA is actively involved in community outreach projects and civic engagement and participation, raising awareness about rights for the youth.

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Voluntary Action for Development (VAD) is an Ugandan NGO recognised as a non profit making organization. The organization works in several districts with the rural poor and disadvantaged communities in order to improve livelihoods.

VAD received a training in disability awareness from Make 12.4% Work. As a follow up, they will receive guidance from Make 12.4% Work on how to become more disability inclusive as an organization. As the executive director Benedict Male put it, ‘Light for the World gave us a very good awareness on how to work with people with disabilities. We will ensure that we now start disability inclusion in our programs and within the organisation as we now have more knowledge on disability.’ 

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GOAL Uganda is humanitarian organisation that emphasises building community resilience and socio-economic development. Their focus lies in improving the lives of disadvantaged communities as demonstrated by their first activities in 1979, in response to the famine in Northern Uganda.

GOAL was one of the first members of the Make 12.4% Work Initiative and are committed to becoming more disability inclusive as an organization as well as within their programs. Disability inclusion assessments have already been conducted and Make 12.4% Work continues to follow up by supporting their actions.

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Sawa World

Sawa World is a non-governmental organisation that uses an innovative approach to instantly transform the lives of unemployed and marginalized youth by providing the skills to start micro-businesses in one day, using locally-created and simple solutions to self-employment. Their goal is to impact 1 billion youth by 2030.

Together with Make 12.4% Work, they will explore how they can make their skills development packages inclusive for the youth with a disability. Make 12.4% Work is currently planning to place an intern with a disability at Sawa World to support the mobilisation of people with disabilities in the areas where they work

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Healthy Entrepreneurs

Healthy Entrepreneurs is a social enterprise and innovative business model focused on the supply of health education, services and products. Their vision embraces basic health care for all. They work towards increasing access to basic health care in remote areas in order to enable development and self-reliance. In order to do so, their mission is to train men and women to become independent health workers, Healthy Entrepreneurs, to create a network that allows the delivery of affordable health products and services to the last mile.

Under Make 12.4% Work, Healthy Entrepreneurs is piloting to make their approach disability inclusive in the Rwenzori region. The two new groups of Healthy Entrepreneurs involve entrepreneurs with a disability. In addition, the large group of Healthy Entrepreneurs in the selected pilot districts have been sensitised on disability. The pilot program is an opportunity to learn about disability inclusion and room for upscaling.

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Mango Tree

Mango Tree Educational Enterprises is a private company in Uganda that develops innovative, interactive education materials and low-literacy communication tools for grassroots education. Their central mission is to provide African educators with the best tools and methods, as well as to serve as a socially responsible business model for Uganda. This embodies their vision of being a company that empowers Africa with the best educational tools possible.

Mango Tree has been with Make 12.4% Work from the beginning and actually facilitated the co-creation of the Initiative involving creative designers and young persons with disabilities. During the design process, Make 12.4% Work was thought out and some practical elements were already delivered, like the Make 12.4% Work logo. Mango Tree also designed the first promotion materials. Mango Tree continues to be with us, and think along on how to continuously refine and develop Make 12.4% Work. We are looking forward to next steps of partnering with Mango Tree.

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Human Rights Centre Uganda

The Human Rights Centre Uganda is a non-governmental organisation that focuses on contributing to an enabling environment for the promotion, protection and fulfillment of human rights, in particular the rights of human rights defenders (HRDs) in Uganda. Their vision embraces “a society in which every individual enjoys his/her universally recognized human rights and fundamental freedoms.” Their core values are integrity, professionalism, and respect for all individuals.

In collaboration with Make 12.4% Work, they want to increase disability inclusion within the organisation. The partnership is in its exploration phase in order to investigate the best ways in which to increase disability awareness of the Human Rights Defenders.

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War Child

War Child is an independent and impartial, international non-governmental organisation that invests in a peaceful future for children and young people affected by armed conflict. Their mission is to protect children from violence by using creative and involving workshops that unleash a child’s inner strength. War Child Uganda enables children to build their resilience, free from trauma and violence. The projects in Uganda are designed to support and protect children and young people by improving their psychosocial wellbeing. Together with education activities, children are enabled to develop coping skills, build resilience and recover from the consequences of conflict.

With collaboration with Make 12.4% Work, War Child will place two internship positions for young persons with disabilities in 2019. In addition, Make 12.4% Work will organise a disability awareness training for the staff this January. Other plans for partnership around inclusion are on the way, strengthening cooperation with Make 12.4% Work.

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Solar Now
Solar Now is a for profit social company with Dutch origins, based in Uganda. Solar Now sells and finances solar home systems in order to transform lives by providing high quality solar energy and financing solutions across East Africa. They provide four areas of Solar Solutions, in households, small businesses, farming and corporate solution.Their aim is to provide quality, sustainable energy solutions at affordable prices through client focused, committed professionals. Their mission comprises three main objectives; transform the lives of East Africans, address the huge market need for energy in East Africa with quality solutions and make quality solar accessible through affordable finance.
Together with the Make 12.4% Work Initiative, they have provided three internship positions for young persons with disabilities in 2019. In addition, Make 12.4% Work has already conducted a disability awareness training for their staff and are looking forward to further steps around inclusive employment.

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