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New DIF Isabella Aketch Employed as Research Assistant at Voluntary Action for Development (VAD)

“All along I have been volunteering, but when I was called for that position as a research assistant I was the happiest. My gratitude and happiness goes to VAD and Make 12.4% Work”


The Make 12.4% Work Initiative has been expanding its network of Disability Inclusion Facilitators (DIFs) to Northern Uganda. One of our recently graduated DIFs is Isabella Aketch, from Moroto district in northern Uganda. She has not only successfully completed the training, but she has already scored an assignment with one of the Make 12.4% Work members, Voluntary Action for Development (VAD). This is a great achievement that deserves some recognition!

Isabella is 30 years old and has a physical impairment. She holds a bachelors degree in development studies and is currently a volunteer at the regional hospital as a medical counsellor. Isabella came into contact with Make 12.4% Work through the advertisement about the DIF training. She applied and was called for a 7-day training in Gulu, where she qualified as a disability inclusion facilitator on the 9th of November. Out of the 5 participants that went for the screening from the Karamoja region, she was one of the three that was selected to become a DIF trainee.

When asked about the DIF training, Isabella shares: “I have learned about creating opportunities for persons with disabilities and gained skills to be an advisor both to the persons with a disability as well as organisations and companies. The training gave me a lot of exposure, and now I feel able to become a country-wide representative working for persons with disabilities. 

Isabella mentions that she now wants to use her talent and skills to address companies and organisations in order to train them on disability awareness and inclusion. She already took steps in Moroto district to become more familiar with the development organisations in the region and the number of job seekers with disabilities. Through Make 12.4% Work Isabella was connected with VAD for a training on research on disability inclusion.

On the 23rd of November, Isabella got the position of a research assistant at VAD! Starting in November, she will carry out research on disability inclusion in the Karamoja region for a period of 25 days. Her main role will be collecting data on the number of people with disabilities in the area, mainly through interaction and field work. Isabella hopes to work with more disabled persons to aid them in becoming independent and give them the chance to reach somewhere. We wish her all the best with her new position!