Coca-Cola Beverages Africa

Coca Cola in Uganda is known as Coca Cola Beverages Africa Uganda, the biggest industry producing drinks. The company also includes Rwenzori Water. Rwenzori Water currently employs two deaf employees.

Apart from hiring persons with disabilities, Coca Cola Beverages Africa in Uganda has been supporting persons with disabilities in a number of ways. For example, Coca Cola has been providing free coolers for different businesses of persons with disabilities in some parts of Uganda since 2010. This leads to the empowerment of people with disabilities and makes sure they can lead a sustainable life. Both Coca Cola and Rwenzori Water have relationships with Disabled People’s Organisations (DPOs) for years.

Florence and Imelda, both with hearing impairment, have become best friends since they started working for Rwenzori Water. Jolokole Falangale, the team manager of Florence and Imelda, says: “I am happy because they are hardworking and they really concentrate on their work. I encourage other companies also to take it up, because people with disabilities are capable of working the same way the others do.”

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