DFCU Bank, registered as the Development Finance Company of Uganda Bank Limited and commonly known as DFCU, is a commercial bank in Uganda. It is licensed by the Bank of Uganda, the central bank and national banking regulator. DFCU focus is to improve access to financial services and to contribute to the transformation of Uganda’s agricultural sector.

DFCU is hiring 6 persons with disabilities with different types of impairments in different branches in Kampala and beyond. This is mainly due to the fact they took over Crane Bank in 2017, and Crane Bank was already hiring persons with disabilities. Most of them have been able to retain their jobs after the transition to new management. One of them is Flavia, a woman with a hearing impairment, who works as cashier at DFCU. For some clients, she’s their favourite whom they always go back to. Her advice to others is: “Please do not be afraid to start something, be confident.”

DFCU has appointed a focal person on disability inclusion, and the Human Resource Manager is committed to share job opportunities with the network of Make 12.4% Work to ensure that persons with disabilities can apply.

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