Mega Standard Supermarket

Mega Standard Supermarket is a supermarket located in Kampala City. It has three branches and more than 100 employers. Mega Standard Supermarket has six deaf employees; they are employed at the different branches.

Mega Standard Supermarket is a forerunner on disability inclusion; they have already been hiring employees who are deaf since 8 years. The management of Mega Standard Supermarket is willing to employ more persons with disabilities in their company. Joan and Fanta are one of their employees with disability. They both have hearing impairment. Joan and Fanta both enjoy working at Mega Standard Supermarket. They have a lot of friends among their co-workers. Customers usually react positively when they find out Joan and Fanta have a hearing impairment. Robert, their manager, states: “Working with these ladies is very fine for me. There is no difference with the other staff. They are very serious with their work and as Mega Standard Supermarket we treat them equally, there is no discrimination.”

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