The Ministry of Gender, Labour and Social Development

The overall goal of the Ministry of Gender, Labour and Social Development is to promote employment and productivity, positive cultural values, rights of vulnerable groups and gender responsive development.

The Ministry was selected to join the Make 12.4% Work campaign as a role model because of their mandate as well as their role as an employer. The Ministry aims at creating an enabling environment to enhance employment opportunities for persons with disabilities. They have the mandate to address issues of inequality and exclusion that form a barrier for persons with disabilities to access services across all sectors.

On the other hand, the Ministry is a living role model for Make 12.4% Work because it has already employed persons with different disabilities in their various departments and they are committed to advocate for inclusion of persons with disabilities. As Mr. Wandera Martin (Director of Labour, Employment & Occupational Safety & Health) says in his speech at a recent learning meeting:

“There is need to come up with innovate ways of increasing awareness of legal requirements. Few employers are aware of the state of disability law in Uganda. It is important to have effective advocacy, hence a need for shared efforts to promote waged employment among people with disabilities.”

Last but not least, the Ministry of Gender runs a number of livelihood programs such as Youth Livelihood Programs, Promotion of Green Jobs and Fair Labour Market in Uganda, Disability Grant and Uganda Women Entrepreneurship Program. All these programs aim to facilitate self-employment.

Mr. Michael Miiro works as a principal labour officer at the Ministry. He has physical impairment and uses a wheelchair. His role model and life supporter has been his mother. Mr. Miiro says he wants to bridge the gap between disabled and non-disabled people. “Work is very important to bridge this divide. When you are a disabled person and have a job, they call you by your name. Work changes everything.”

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