Royal Suites

Royal Suites Hotel is a 4-star hotel in Kampala. Royal Suites won the award for being ‘Most Inclusive Employer’, handed out by the Federation of Uganda Employers (FUE). Royal Suites employs more than 6 people with disabilities. Among the employees are people with physical disabilities, albinism, intellectual impairment and little persons. This fact has truly showed the deep love, enthusiasm and strong positive attitude of Royal Suites Hotel towards Disability Inclusion.

Olive, is one of their employees with disability. She is an internal auditor. Olive says about working at Royal Suites: “People treat me with a lot of respect and there is no discrimination.” She further shares: “You can do what you want to do. I made it, I overcame some barriers, and so can you. Trust yourself.”

As the Human Resource Manager of the Royal Suites Hotel states: “I think it’s important to employ people with disabilities. Besides that, I personally have a strong and deep motivation and passion in my heart for the inclusion of people with disabilities.” She went on saying: “I wish all companies, organizations and private sector were as committed about including persons with disabilities. For me, I will do anything to employ persons with disability, regardless of their type of disability.”

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