Share An Opportunity Uganda (SAO)

Share An Opportunity Uganda (SAO) aims at empowering communities to provide for holistic child development. Their approach is child rights programming based.

We are happy to enlist SAO as an ambassador for Make 12.4% Work as one of the two local mainstream organisations part of Initiative. They became committed to disability inclusion after a training on disability awareness and disability inclusive programming.

As a result of this training they have made plans to become more inclusive as an organization, and have taken action to include 50 family ambassadors with a disability in their Community Ambassador project in Abim District. The 50 ambassadors are children with different types of impairments part of total group of 350 families that are selected to be ambassadors to communicate on Community transformation.

Michael is a 34-year-old resident of Pamo Village in Abim district. Although he has a physical impairment, this has not pulled him down. ‘’I know that I have a problem with my left hand which can’t function but the fact is that I still remain able to do everything I want’’, thus Michael. He is very satisfied about the support he received from Share an Opportunity Uganda: “I am very sure that if all persons with disabilities received the awareness I got from SAO, the motivation to get engaged in income generating activities could go high. I am so proud to identify myself with my group of farming …”, Michael concludes.

“We are ready to be an Ambassador on disability inclusion. We have started to bring up the issue of disability inclusion when we have meetings with our donors, because some of them are not yet aware on how disability inclusion is important to reach full impact in our communities. We also recognize recruiting PWDs and offer them placement opportunities for the same”, according to the M&E coordinator of SAO.

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