Umeme is the largest electricity distribution company in Uganda.

Umeme has the diligence and enthusiasm in employing people with disability in their company. They are reaching to the extent of adjusting their company structure settings. For example, they constructed ramps at the entrance of almost all buildings and made sure that wash rooms are accessible for people with disabilities.

Umeme has also contributed to the purchase of a motorized scooter for Victo Nalule. She is safety, environment and health administrator at Umeme. She says about her work: “At Umeme my physical impairment does not stand in my way.” Her manager agrees. He states: “Victo is very vital for our department. Victo’s capacity adds value to Umeme as an organization. She is irreplaceable!”

Umeme ensures that employees with disabilities in their company work in an enabling environment to be able to perform well in their position. As the Human Resource Manager states: “We are very willing to hire persons with disabilities. We also think it is important to identify amongst our staff whether there are persons with some kind of impairments that we were not aware about. This in order to make sure that they can perform in line with their talents and abilities.”

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